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January 28, 2010


Fabulous Farquahr – Fabulous Farquahr (1968)

Artist: Fabulous Farquahr
Title: Fabulous Farquahr
Year: 1968
Format: LP
Label: Verve Forecast

The Fabulous Farquahr were comprised of brothers Frank, Dennis and Bob McGowan, who were all Mariners, as well as Doug Lapham, Jim Ricker (bass) and Dick Liso (drummer) who were not Mariners. Individually, they were known as Barnswallow Farquahr, Hummingbird Farquahr, Flamingo Farquahr (Bobby), Condor Farquahr (jim), and Little Dicky Bird (Dick). (missing one bird) Their music has been described as a mix of Irish folk music, bluegrass, psychedelic rock and comedy.

According to Mariner John Ciaglia (Woodpecker Farquahr), who joined in 1981 and played with them for eighteen years until their last gig in 1999, the comedy routines were all done by Bobby and were mostly gay routines. Evidently they were a big hit in Provincetown. Along with Ciaglia, Mariner Craig Stopka joined for one year. The Fabulous Farquahr have the distinction of being the official band for Hubert Humphrey’s presidential bid during the 60’s.

They released two albums early on, “The Fabulous Farquahr” (1968), and “Farquahr” (1970) and a third album in 1982 entitled “The Third Album” for the WARPT Records label. During the eighties they released a couple of other albums, which I have not been able to track down. Dennis McGowan passed away in 2001 and Frank McGowan passed away in October 2004 at the age of 65. (The Mariners)

Track Listing

  1. My Island
  2. Ruth
  3. Teddy Bear Days
  4. My Eggs Don’t Taste The Same Without You
  5. With A Little Help From My Friends
  6. Daddy I’ve Tried
  7. The Morning After
  8. Poor Bluebird
  9. Provincetown Jug Band
  10. Night People
  11. St. Theresa’s East River Orphanage
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  1. Jerry Zigmont
    Jun 29 2010

    Any chance for the Third album? That was the winner!

  2. May 10 2011

    Hello Jerry,


    Feb 7 2014

    i had the greatest time of my life stationed in North Turo AFS in 1968 every night that summer we would run to P-Town and catch the Farquar playing there for 2 weeks they were just fun and great to listen to had the privilege of talking with Barnswallow and Hummingbird they were saying how they would hear Flamingo do his act 50 weeks out of the year back then and he would crack then up every night.

    Followed them consistently that summer and the next 3 years r to Smokey Joes, KKKaties Fathers Mustache and the improper Bostonian, When they weren’t at the cape we would be at the surf for the Jug Band who were just great entertainment and a lot of laughs.. Too bad they aren’t still playing but have their album and also listen online through you tube brings back a lot of memories. They als played on Fire Island a lot

    Thank you for the updates sorry to hear Dennis andFrank have passed away what a talent that band of Brothers were and they were all brothers to each other

    Thanks Again

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