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January 29, 2010


Valhalla – Valhalla (1969)

Artist: Valhalla
Title: Valhalla
Year: 1969
Format: LP
Label: United Artists

Valhalla consisted of Mark Mangold (piano-organ-vocals), Rick Ambrose (bass-vocals), Don Krantz (guitar-bass), Eddie Livingston (drums), and Bob Huling (vocals-percussion).

Valhalla was a symphonic rock band who recorded one record for United Artists. Mark Mangold, now a celebrated AOR figure, played keyboards with this Long Island unit who performed local gigs until management pushed the group to compose original material to ensnare a recording contract.

Here the young Mangold honed his songwriting chops while developing a love for synths and mellotrons which he would carry into his next band, American Tears. (Audiofile)

Track Listing

  1. Hard Times
  2. Conceit
  3. Ladies In Waiting
  4. I’m Not Askin’
  5. Deacon
  6. Head Are Free
  7. Roof Top Man
  8. JBT
  9. Conversation
  10. Overseas Symphony
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  1. Shane
    Feb 14 2012

    Greetings Leonard,
    I actually found an official songbook for this album. Which stinks because I don’t even own an original copy of this lp. But it did get me thinking about how many other obscure 60’s bands had songbooks of their albums published legit. Well, I can’t dig up much information about it on the internet but maybe some people who use your blog might be able to help. Take it easy and the Red Telephone keeps on ringing!!!!

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