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February 6, 2010


Thomas Hill – Ingredients (1968)

Artist: Thomas Hill
Title: Ingredients
Year: 1968
Format: LP
Label: Mercury

While attending the University Of Illinois, Thomas Hill played the clubs and coffeehouses in and around Chicago eventually attracting the attention of a few major record labels. In 1968 he signed with Mercury and recorded this album with the help of arranger Don Costa, who’s arrangements to Hills’ folk tunes resemble what Jack Nitzsche had done for Tim Buckley and Bob Lind.

Though not quite in the same league as those two artists, the album is a nice example of folk/pop containing some decent tracks (“The Man Who Kills The Ants” “Glider Pilot” “Cassandra” “Relevant To Jane” etc.). After the release of this album, and with no other record forthcoming, Hill eventually moved to New Hampshire and into obscurity. (Jack Dominilla)

Track Listing

  1. On Once Having Been
  2. Passage To Richmond
  3. Solstice
  4. The Man Who Kills Ants
  5. Younger Times
  6. The One’s That You’ll Remember
  7. Glider Pilot
  8. World
  9. Cassandra
  10. A Quiet Invective For Hill861
  11. Relevant To Jane
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  1. El Flappo
    Jun 26 2010

    Much thanks – a great LP indeed…

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