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June 13, 2010


Bull – This Is Bull (1970)

Artist: Bull
Title: This Is Bull
Year: 1970
Format: LP
Label: Paramount

Barry “Bull” Gordon (vocals, lead guitar, bass), Jerry Friedmann (guitar, piano, organ), Andy Muson (bass), Paul Griffin (organ, piano), Herb Lovelle (drums).

This is pop! Surpringly decent, at that. Bull can’t sing, though. And the flower-child message was well-waxworn even by the time Barry Gordon dropped by the Record Plant. The worst thing by far is the self-written tune, just abysmal wanking stretched over five minutes. B.B. King wrote the liners, to which I say: B.B. King is middling, remember? (Silent Mike RYM)

Track Listing

  1. Don’t Cry My Lady
  2. Let It Shine
  3. Freedom
  4. Feelin’ Pretty Good
  5. Lovin’ Man
  6. Groovin’
  7. How Do Losers Say Goodbye
  8. (Do You Have) Something To Say
  9. Everybody Wanna Do
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  1. Recordfanatic
    Jun 13 2010

    This is just what I suspected!! CRAP!! This album is truly BULL!! The singer definitely cannot sing, and the songs are not really all that hot either!!

    This could be best described as an album that would have been better left in the can when there was like a gazzillion other bands cutting singles at that time that major label’s like Paramount could have done better to nurture into potential album making artists!! How in the hell did this guy get a record contract??

    Oh well…. I guess you can’t expect every example to be a classic, or masterpiece every time out can you?? Nope, and this is a prime example of one best avoided at all costs, unless that is of course how much of a perverse curiosity you have to see how horrible this exactly is!!

    There are differing levels of good, and bad. This album is at the top of the bad heap at the bottom of the barrel!! Certainly nowhere near the top shelf!! Once again, STEER CLEAR, and save yourself some money on this BULLSHIT!!

    Thank god for posting this Leonerd to show how bad this is!! lol

  2. Recordfanatic
    Jun 13 2010

    Could you post these Leonerd: Highway Robbery-For Love Or Money, Demian, Steel-(on Epic Records), Third Power-Believe, and Tin house on Epic Records. Thanks, Brian

  3. Peter Mork
    Sep 10 2011

    Well, how can you not like this? Look at that guy! He’s got his own harem! You can even see that chick’s butt through her skirt! I don’t need to listen to this to know it’s the greatest record ever made.

    And look, the guy’s modest enough to call a song “Feelin’ Pretty Good”. How tempting it must have been to exaggerate the case. But no – pretty good is… good enough.

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