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July 2, 2010


Jean Leccia Interpolation – Lexia (1972)

Artist: Jean Leccia Interpolation
Title: Lexia
Year: 1972
Format: LP
Label: Verve

A fantastic album — with a really groovy approach! The record is the only one we’ve ever seen from arranger Jean Leccia — and it’s got a two-vocal lead approach that’s pretty darn great. Soul singer Pat Henderson joins up with male vocalist Ed Whiting — in a style that’s part harmony, but which also has a focus on the solo leads from time to time.

Leccia’s arrangements are a mix of bouncy jazz and dreamy pop — sweet and slow at times, but with some majestically groovy moments at others — baroquely skipping alone in a style that reminds us of some of the best European vocal groovers of the time, mixed with a healthy dose of California sunshine pop! Titles include the killer “Lady Rain”, plus “Lovelight”, “Drop”, “Love Is”, “Carnival”, “Lovely Bird”, “Only A Dream”, “Mother Of Us All”, and “Good Morning To You”. (Dusty Groove)

Track Listing

  1. Good Morning To You
  2. Lady Rain
  3. I Can’t Live Without You
  4. Love Is
  5. Drop!
  6. Lovelight
  7. Carnival
  8. Lovely Bird
  9. I Worship You
  10. Only A Dream
  11. Mother Of Us All
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  1. shesmiles
    Dec 26 2010

    sooooo awesome, i heard them on youtube and have been searchin since. thanks

    May 15 2012

    Hi I am the lady singing on this PL with Ed Whiting and Jon Lexia,
    I’m now living in Seattle.

    Just wanted to thank you for your comments, they make me feel that our creative efforts were not in vain, but have stayed alive all these years because of people like you who appreciate our music.

    Patricia :-) thank you with all my heart

  3. May 15 2012

    Hello Patricia,
    What makes this site so interesting other than discovering and learning about this music, is to receive comments from those who made the music, Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.


  4. Shane
    Sep 6 2012

    Damn, this album is awesome even if it veers off in a little too much in a Hair, Showtune Pop Orgy-fest way. The songs are good. “I Can’t LIve Without You” – reminds me of a lost cousin of “You Didn’t Have To Do It” by the Lovin’ Spoonful – and that says something. Pat Henderson – You are a Sexy Goddess with a voice to match, you Soul Fox (the inner cover shots make me drool… and I’m trying to be civil). Great Arrangements, stellar vocals and an amazing understanding of the pop format. While I understand life can be cruel, your songs help lift my spirits and for that I thank you

  5. Dwain Zsadanyi
    Jul 20 2013

    I was listening to “Mother of Us All”, and decided to do another search for the Jean Leccia Interpolation (last one was MANY years ago) and came upon this site. I love Pat Henderson’s voice (which blended so well with Ed Whiting’s) as well as Jean’s compositions. I was never a big fan of the arrangements (‘though I’ve grown accustomed to them), but the melodies and rhythms coupled with lyrics and voices … perfection. I bought two copies of this album when it was released. I knew I would want to listen to it for the rest of my life, and did not anticipate the CD (as well as mp3) revolution. Several years ago I ripped the vinyl into CD, then mp3 format, so I still have one virgin, still in cellophane, vinyl LP. Thank you.

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