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July 1, 2010


The Last Nikle – The Last Nikle (1969)

Artist: The Last Nikle
Title: The Last Nikle
Year: 1969
Format: LP
Label: Mainstream

Another horn rock band discovery, this album is ok and its not as bad as the other reviewer s say, but it isn’t great either. The lead singer has a good voice when he isn’t trying to be a white James Brown. The songs aren’t bad as well, but too many of them are a little mushy. The best track on the album is the very last song an instrumental called “Life Is A Purple Antelope”. (rocky RYM)

Track Listing

  1. Got To Be Somebody
  2. Feeling Blue
  3. The Fool
  4. Cause I’ve Been Trying
  5. She’s The One
  6. Five O’Clock Sun
  7. Save Your Love For Me
  8. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  9. Life Is A Purple Antelope
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  1. Beau
    Oct 21 2010

    Happy Canada Day what should we listen to, well how about this album Leonard posted today. The Last Nikle-1969 were a Horn Rock Band that released this one album. Overall this is an average Horn Rock Album that could have been better. The Horns are good the singer has some range to his voice the main problem with the album is most of the songs are all ballads. The one saving grace on the album oh yes make sure to check out the last song a 9 min instrumental called (Life Is A Purple Antelope)

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