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August 1, 2010


The Exceptions – Rock ‘N’ Roll Mass (1966)

Artist: The Exceptions
Title: Rock ‘N’ Roll Mass
Year: 1966
Format: EP
Label: Flair

This is the (very short) Flair Ep by the Exceptions which was requested a few days ago (for more info on the Exceptions, please see the Aorta posts of June 30, 2010). It was released in 1966 and believed to be one of the first contemporary Christian recordings, the concept predated the Electric Prunes’ “Mass In F Minor” by at least two years.

The Exceptions line-up at the time of this recording were Pete Cetera (bass-vocals), Marty Grebb (keyboards-guitar-vocals), Denny Ebert (drums), and James Dondelinger (guitar-vocals). Grebb left the group following this recording and was replaced by Jim Nyeholt.

By 1967 Cetera was replaced by Bobby Jones and Ebert replaced by Billy Herman, it was this final line-up of Jim Dondelinger, Jim Nyeholt, Bobby Jones and Billy Herman that became Aorta. (Jack Dominilla)

Track Listing

  1. Holy Holy Holy
  2. Our Father
  3. Lamb Of God
  4. Lord Have Mercy
  5. Glory To God
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