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March 5, 2011


Jacobs Creek – Jacobs Creek (1969)

Artist: Jacobs Creek
Title: Jacobs Creek
Year: 1969
Format: LP
Label: Columbia

Jacobs Creek consisted of Lon and Derek Van Eaton, Steve Burgh, Tim Case, and Bruce Foster. According to Acid Archives, the album is a “mixed bag of early rural rock, dreamy harmony vocal flower moves and heavier tracks with acid leads and BS & T moves. Cool long eastern track with sitar too. ”

Judging by the sleeve, i always thought this was strictly a rural rock lp, but it’s a pretty diverse album, with more of an early progressive psychedelic feel that features some nice harmonies and an array of instruments including harpsichord, sitar, slide banjo, saxes and keyboards. This album, along with MAN (see March 31, 2010 post) were two of the better releases on the Columbia label in 1969.

Lon and Derek Van Eaton would go on to release an album on Apple Records in 1972 entitled “Brother” (with some involvement from Ringo Starr and George Harrison) and another in 1974 for A&M Records called “Who Do You Out Do”, while Burgh next surfaced playing bass on David Bromberg’s own eponymous debut, beginning a session career that would quickly grow to include dates in support of John Prine, Steve Goodman, and Willie Nelson (1973’s classic Shotgun Willie).

Burgh spent much of the mid-’70s serving as musical director for Phoebe Snow, and in 1977 he contributed guitar to Billy Joel’s breakthrough effort The Stranger, appearing on the Grammy-winning “Just the Way You Are.” (Max Collodie)

Track Listing


2.Anonymous Verdict Suite (Jesus’ Return/Christian Man)

3.Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

4.Coming…The River

5.Do You Understand

6.What’s Around

7.A Love Song

8.Behind The Door

9.What You Hear

10.Lonely Fire

11.The Circle


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  1. phil
    May 23 2010

    Would like to thank you for that album , quite refreshing.
    Congratulation and a long life for your new blog
    even if packaging is not so “arty”
    but whatever the bottle, the key is drunkenness !

  2. Jeff
    May 23 2010

    Wonderful Album and highly recommended. Thanks so much !

  3. May 24 2010

    This is a beautiful site, Leonard! Congratulations on making it to the big time. I look forward to listening to this (although the dreaded “h”-word – h***s – made me hesitate a little).

  4. Tony
    May 24 2010

    congratulations!! You’ve excelled yourself by starting your own website. Best news of the month. I’ve really missed your posts, they are exactly what I want to hear.
    Thank You, Thank You

  5. alfonso
    May 24 2010

    Dear Leonard:
    Your site is one of the best site for the community of rock, and I learn a lot of these groups thanks of you.


  6. Francois
    May 24 2010

    Thank you Leonard and good luck with your new site.

  7. rickk
    May 24 2010

    I love this new site. Good luck and I’ll be visiting often>

  8. H.L. Keel
    May 24 2010

    This makes my day in so many ways. Thank you and WELCOME BACK !!!!!!

  9. Quetedenporelojetecapullointegral
    May 25 2010

    A parte de toda la admiración que tengo por su blog y por el trabajo que realiza, cosa que le digo muy en serio, me permito 2 sugerencias:

    1. Quite el logo “66” de las portadas. Es un poco pretencioso mutilar las portadas con su logo.

    2. Para que cojones quiere nuestro e-mail. Que es usted como los de Facebook…le gusta controlar al personal.

  10. Karel
    May 25 2010


    Great to see you’re back with all that great music!

    Thanks a lot!!!


  11. charlie
    May 26 2010

    Very good mix of psych, prog and rock. It would be nice to see more albums like this.

  12. Cy Pirie
    May 26 2010

    Hi Leonard
    What a clean neat new thing you have created here….one can follow Dylans adage “Don’t Look Back” and it will take you out of the comfort zone of what one has?….however, there are times one misses the old and the familiar (especially in terms of Culture)….hey ho redtelephone66 is up and into the next phase….

    Jacobs Creek:
    I find this a very spiritual album….mixing as it does a little Christian feel tempered by eastern mysticism?
    The players seem involved with their life’s journey and through their music have set up a diary like feel to their album.
    The thing kicks off aurally with a dreamy take as experienced through ‘Colors’… the music sets the tone for the album.
    Wow, track two simply bangs in with bright poppy horns tempered by melancholy vocals….the singers express lots of images and the whole thing will require repeated listens…as it just soldiers on to the end.
    Track three gets us back on track….the music is ‘uplifting’ as we are reassured that ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’….it made me smile to think of the blistering song with the same title as performed by the Small Faces….Jacob’s Creeks is one different creature altogether….simply put ‘it’s magic’…..
    ‘Coming….The River’…opens with a cinematic feel and the whole track is redolent with good vibes….
    Track 5 and 6 come over as the band being deeper into their groove and the questions flow and the finger pointing continues….they soldier on…and both songs will require further listens to untangle their content?
    ‘A Love Song’ as one would expect (and it does not let one down)…uses their gentler side as they strum their way through a feeling about feelings.
    ‘Behind the Door’ wakens us up again with some raucous drumming and voices coupled too a ‘tad’ more electricity and a tasteful bit of fuzz guitar work….ho ho a good one, (the album by this stage was working its magic on me).
    Track 9, ‘What Do You Hear’ takes us back to ourselves….and maybe Jacob’s Creek realise that OUT THERE there are so few who truly hear them as they ask us their musical questions?
    ‘Lonely Fire’ is quite wonderful…the gentle bongoes and the more dreamy lyrics take me towards a scene of isolated friends gathering around an ancient stove sharing out warm bread and looking out of a window on a sun that never sets………..
    Tracks 11 and 12 bring up the rear of this excellent folky, record….Hey Ho….we are taken off on Eastern Pleasures…the sitar and tabla work their magic….a true Ying Yang track as the band weave their way near to the end of the start of their beginning of their spirtual search for answers…the track has a momentary pause? before the sitars continue to proceed with a march like triumphant quality….”look at the circle” to find your answers?
    The final track Katherine, the shortest by a mile, is possibly the most important as it offers us an instant answer to get us off the search….for a degree of happiness one simply need seek out a “Katherine….blonde hair and all”……seek a she of she’s concludes this epistle….a short coda…to the human spiritual search…..Jacob Creek leave us with their gentle acoustic strumming ringing in our ears…..

    Thank you Leonard for allowing me to hear this wonderful record…

  13. josesimon
    May 26 2010

    Muchas gracias por volver a compartir estos excelentes incunables con nosotros, abrazos y larga vida

  14. Harding
    May 28 2010

    great to see the new site!

  15. May 29 2010

    Very good mix of psych, prog and rock. It would be nice to see more albums like this.

  16. May 31 2010

    Hi Leorard I have grabbed heaps of post from your blog over the years,which has been great,thank you.
    Have you gone private ?.
    Love to join if you have,thanks- hotroder.

  17. beond
    Jun 1 2010

    Hi Leonard,

    Great stuff, great side, especially when one is interested in stuff of the psychedelic era.

    being a fan of the sort of music you share since the golden days of late 60s
    i’m trying to build up a collection after the book ”fuzz, acid & flowers revisited” and your old blog was a fountain of missing rarities (unfortunately the was no way to say thanks for people without blog)
    but now i can make it good (lol) and say thanks for all the goodies you shared. (and if maybe i can help you out with the one or the other album you’re looking for… wishlist will be welcome

  18. Wayne
    Dec 26 2012

    Great album. I bought this when I was in the Air Force down in Mississippii at the BX. I wore it out. Got a new copy from GEMM around 5 years ago. I was lucky to get it. I’m a big Lon & Derrek Fan.

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