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March 5, 2011


The Bubble Gum Machine – The Bubble Gum Machine (1967)

Artist: The Bubble Gum Machine
Title: The Bubble Gum Machine
Year: 1969
Format: LP
Label: Senate

Here’s another one I haven’t been able to learn much about. A five piece (judging by the cover and first name liner note credits), they seem to have been a studio project for producer/writer Wes Farrell. Released by the ABC affiliated Senate label, their self-titled 1967 album featured a decent mix of Farrell-penned originals (“Wha’Cha Gonna Do For Me Now” and “I Wonder”) and popular covers (Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, The Bee Gees, whose “To Love Somebody” was mis-credited to Robert Gibb – think they meant Robin Gibb.

To be honest, “The Bubble Gum Machine” isn’t going to drastically change your life. The uncreditted male vocalist had a decent enough voice, while their attractive female singer (‘Vicki’ – no last names shown on the credits) had a voice than bore a passing resemblance to Cass Elliott. Unfortunately, as far as mid-1960s music goes, nothing here is particularly original or inspiring. ‘Bout the best you can say is that “The Love of a Woman” has a certain top-40 charm and they would have made a great bar cover band. (Bad Cat)

Track Listing

  1. Wha’Cha Gonna Do For Me Now
  2. To Love Somebody
  3. A Song That Never Comes
  4. For What It’s Worth
  5. The Love Of A Woman
  6. I Wouldn’t Be Lonely Anymore
  7. You Make Everything Right
  8. I Wonder
  9. No Love To Be Found
  10. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
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  1. Randy
    May 31 2010

    With a band name like they had, they probably weren’t expecting to change anyone’s life but they should be a fun listen none the less. Thanks.

  2. Duncanmusic
    Nov 11 2010

    If I’m not mistaken, this was the band that while on a USO tour in Vietnam suffered deaths due to being hit…have to check my Rolling Stone digital Archive and confirm…but I am almost positive this is why I remember this band and kept a copy for a long time.

  3. Peter Mork
    Mar 5 2011

    Kind of run of the mill, they take their cue from the Righteous Brothers and do a credible enough synthesis of the deep masculine ooze on “To Love Somedody”, which makes me think of Lee Michaels a bit. I also like “No Love To Be Found” a plaintive plea, for what I’m not certain, but for sure plaintive.

  4. ariel branicio
    Mar 15 2011

    eu gostaria de conheçer essa banda

  5. daddeeice
    Aug 28 2011

    joint iz hot

  6. Sid Arthur
    Oct 8 2011

    Vicki is the Vicki Spencer from the movie’s
    Twist around The Clock and Teenage Millionaire.

  7. Mike
    Oct 19 2012

    They were on a USO tour, they left Saigon late in the day with out an armed escort hoping to make it to Vaug Tau. The were ambushed and all were killed. This happened in late 68 or early 1969; been a long time. But I do remember some of it.
    It also was in Stars and Stripes newpaper. The highway from Long Bhin to Vung Tau belonged to the NVA and no military unit would have traveled it after dark. There should be an Stars and Stripes Viet Nam archive some where for the full story.

  8. Oct 20 2012

    That is not true, i have been in contact with one of the members and he has confirmed this story BULLSHIT!!!

  9. Larry Siegel
    Oct 24 2012

    There are two bands with “Bubble” in them – Phil Pill was my cousin and he died in Vietnam in 1968… here’s a story translated from German I was able to find that can clarify:

    On 5 July 1968 the band gets the bus “Brandi Perry And The Bubble Machine”, which is on the road carelessly without military protection, in South Vietnam on the way to Vung Tau in an ambush, either by the troops of the South Vietnamese Army or Viet Cong. The drummer Kurt Willis and keyboardist Phil Pill, both only 17 years old come to their deaths and the bassist Jack Bone and singer Paula “Brandi Perry” Levine violated more or less difficult.

    “Brandi Perry And The Bubble Machine” are also the subject of the documentary “Entertaining Vietnam” by Mara Wallis about musicians who assisted American troops in Vietnam.

    Phil was the nicest guy in the world… losing him was a tragedy.

  10. Jack Bone
    Nov 13 2012

    this is Jack Bone .,surviving bass player from the Bubble Machine

  11. Patti Ryan
    Nov 16 2012

    Hi, Larry,

    Are you one of Jack’s sister’s sons? The Pills were neighbors & friends of ours from the Wilkinson days. They all were exceptional folks. I’m sorry for the loss of your cousin; you must still miss him…. Phil was the best. I remember he put on a magic show for my little brother’s fifth birthday. The kids were all thrilled & amazed. :o)

    I kept in touch with Alice until a couple of years ago when I called and got no response. Has she passed away, Larry? Dear, sweet Alice <3

    Would love to hear from you.

  12. Patti Ryan
    Nov 16 2012

    Hi, Jack,

    What a trauma that must have been for you. I thank God that you and Sue made it home okay, & pray that you are in good health.

  13. Larry Siegel
    Nov 29 2012

    Hi, Patty.

    Alas, Alice did pass away. Phil’s sister, Sari, lives up in Oregon now.

    Thanks for your comments.

  14. May 20 2013

    Hi , This is Vicki Spencer From The( original )Bubble Gum Machine . It seems there has been quite a stir about the mix up of our group and ” The Bubble Machine”. I am so sad to say they were shot down in Viet Nam, they were very brave and talented people. As for us, we are still alive and kickin” . We did have our own tragedy though. In 1976 m our lead singer and my brother, Billy had a freak accident and passed away. Dan, his twin is in KY. along with our Bass player George Peel and their families. Before Billy died he and Dan had just finished a new album of some of Billy’s best work. All songs were written and sung by Billy, and Dan on drums. We are starting an official Bubble Gum Machine site that will premier very soon. It will have lots of great stuff from The Bubble Gum Machine. We are re mastering Billy’s last album and will have it for sale soon as well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at and I will let you know the latest news. My husband( of 42 years and former guitarist for the band ), Harry Perlow, made the site for me. I am very proud of it. I am so grateful that people still remember us and our music. Looking forward to hearing from you thank you all, God Bless, Peace, Vicki Spencer Perlow

  15. May 20 2013

    Hello Vicki,

    It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for the latest info. You have a beautiful voice and looks to match. Thanks for visiting the site!!!

  16. Patti Ryan
    Sep 27 2013

    You’re welcome, and thank you, Larry, for letting me know about dear Alice. She was a precious lady, & I shall carry her in my heart always. She was 2 months younger than my Mama, and outlived her by around 12 years.

    I’m sorry for your loss, Larry.

    For years I used to see Jack’s sisters shopping at various stores in Valley Plaza. They were always together, & so warm & friendly ~ it must run in the family.

    When I couldn’t get a hold of Alice, I tried calling Sari, at her Valley Village number. Her moving to Oregon explains why I couldn’t reach her. Did the boys move to Oregon, as well?

    Please give her my love & tell her that I think fondly of her & “Brother”, and our childhood days on Wilkinson.

    God bless you, Larry,
    :o) patti

  17. Feb 13 2014

    Hello Scott,

    We always give you credit for you reviews, this one might have slipped through the cracks. We’ll correct accordingly.

  18. Jack Selber
    Oct 26 2014

    does anyone know where Brandi Perry ( Paula Levine) is today?

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