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December 18, 2011


The Hindu Kush Mountain Boys Plus One – The Hindu Kush Mountain Boys Plus One (1979)


Artist: The Hindu Kush Mountain Boys Plus One
Title: The Hindu Kush Mountain Boys Plus One
Year: 1979
Format: LP
Label: Cliff Hanger

The Hindu Kush Mountain Boys Plus One were a spiritual bluegrass group consisting of Larry Siegel (vocals-guitar-mandolin), Jim Queen (vocals-violin-fiddle), Rich Miller (vocals-guitar-piano) and Rhonda Mattern (vocals-banjo).

The album is always described by record dealers as psych, but it is standard bluegrass with philosophical spiritual lyrics based in Eckankar, the religion of Light and Sound. Its teachings emphasize the value of personal experiences as the most natural way back to God.

According to the album’s liner notes, the LP “contains some of the liveliest, happiest music this side of Tibet” adding… “This group managed to kick up a new breed of spiritual music that doesn’t belong to the world of time-weary tradition and religious ritual. Instead, their songs have grown out of a joyous realization that death is a myth, and that during this lifetime each person can consciously experience worlds which lie beyond the range of the physical senses. ”

Larry Siegel has performed for over thirty years on guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica and as a singer/composer/producer. He has been a featured instrumentalist with Dolly Parton, Lester Lanin, and others. His national television appearances include Rosie O’Donnell and Breakfast Time with Tom Bergeron.

Jim Queen had a 30-year career in the U. S. Air Force Band, the first 20 of which were spent in its Strolling Strings. In 1993, he founded Silver Wings, the U. S. Air Force’s country band. Since retiring from the band in 2004, he has freelanced extensively as a violinist/fiddler/guitarist/banjoist, and recently completed a run in the Ford Theater’s production of Shenandoah.

Rich Miller has performed around the world, playing bass, guitar, piano, and saxophone, and has been a featured performer with Jack Jones, nationally acclaimed guitarist Al Bruno, and others. He is best known for his clear, deep voice that brings out the full harmony that the Hindu Kush Mountain Boys Plus One use so well.

Rhonda Mattern Stapleton, a former editor of Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine, is the “One” female in the group. Her songs on the joys and struggles of spiritual awakening have won numerous awards in national songwriting competitions, including the prestigious Billboard song contest.

The group recently reunited and are currently in the studio recording a new collection of songs that are due for release this year. For more info please check the Cliff Hanger Records website at  (Howard Hales Broom)

Track Listing

  2. Give The Master The Nod
  3. If You Wanna Be Happy
  4. The Eye
  5. Little Willie Gee
  6. Ain’t It Amazing?
  7. The Sound Of The ECK
  8. Is It True, Necessary, Kind?
  9. Peddar Zaskq
  10. Life Is Only A Dream
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  1. Cy Pirie
    Dec 19 2011

    Hello Leonard

    I note that the phone is answering Bosnian time-tables and this dose of spirits flying over the mountain will be sure to make me happy?

  2. Bill
    Dec 24 2011

    Merry Christian Leonard


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