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April 23, 2012


Joyce Everson – Crazy Lady (1972)


Artist: Joyce Everson
Title: Crazy Lady
Year: 1972
Format: LP
Label: Warner Brothers

Joyce Everson has opened shows for The Everly Brothers; recorded with musical legends like Don Henley of The Eagles; toured with Gordon Lightfoot and performed on Saturday Night Live. In 1972 when she was only twenty, Warner Brothers released her album, Crazy Lady, an easy-listening, folk album she wrote that featured her singing and had “rocker” guest artists, including Peter Frampton, Andy Bown, Lesley Duncan and Madeline Bell. Her title track was number one on the radio in cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and even as far away as Japan.

She was discovered by Rod Stewart who intoduced her to Long John Baldry and worked with him on songs that were meant for his 1972 release Everything Stops For Tea. The songs, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” and “I’m Just a Rake and Ramblin’ Boy”, duets with Baldry, were eventually released on the 2005 Cd version as bonus tracks. Also included on the Cd was a radio spot of Baldry promoting Crazy Lady.

“This is very exciting for me. It’s a gift,” said Everson (now known as Joyce Turnpenny). “You never know when someone is doing something to further your career and a kind of nice gesture. It’s this magic thing that John Baldry did. We finally got heard.” Just after she recorded those duets, Turnpenny moved to California.

“I used to hang around with a whole bunch of people, we were all out in California trying to kick our careers off. One of those guys was Chevy Chase,” she said. “When he got a job on Saturday Night Live, he knew how well I sang so he got my boyfriend and I to perform on the show.”
“Music is my heart, it’s my soul, it’s my spirit. It’s who I am and that has not left me,” she said. “It was an amazing experience – and it’s still amazing. Things still excite me, and I would love to make another album.”

And even though it’s been more than 40 years since Crazy Lady first hit the shelves, Turnpenny says the music of her era is timeless. “A lot of that era – The Eagles, Jackson Browne – they’re making a resurgence. People are interested in that era and a lot of us who recorded then are now coming to the forefront.”

After eight years in California, Turnpenny started to focus on family and had a daughter, who’s now in her twenties, with her husband Michael, former drummer for Ronnie Hawkins. The pair now perform together, with Michael on the guitar. Turnpenny is also a music teacher at the St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School. (Krissie Rutherford)

Track Listing

  1. Country Air
  2. Jesus Is My Saviour
  3. Song To A Lover Of Yesterday
  4. White Cliffs Of Dover
  5. Crazy Lady
  6. What Did She Taste Like?
  7. Woman-Child
  8. Butterflies
  9. My Friend Susan
  10. To Be A Pilgrim
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  1. Duncan Walls
    Apr 23 2012

    This is such a sweet LP. It was a regular on WCMF-FM in Rochester in the Early 70s (along with label mate Linda Lewis’s label debut) and helped widen the female singer-songwriter field from Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell & Carole King to such as Chi Coltrane, Tret Fure, Karen Dalton, Kathi Dalton, Kathi McDonald, Linda Perhacs, Victoria…I was in love with them all and I certainly played this Lp for years whyen I Dj whenever it seemed appropriate. One on my wish list.

  2. Doug
    Apr 23 2012

    This is a fine album that deserves a quality reissue.

  3. Ace K
    May 2 2012

    Thanks for the recommendations in the comments above. Duncan, I particularly like the line “I was in love with them all.” Not sure if you meant the LP’s, the women who made them, or BOTH.

  4. Cy Pirie
    May 3 2012

    This simply pours as sweet as a “case of you” and delivers at every juncture….gggggreat!

  5. Mark H
    Jul 10 2012

    In 1972, I worked at a record store while in high school and wore out the grooves on our promo copy of “Crazy Lady.” Joyce Everson has such a gorgeous voice and is a very sensetive writer. It was so calming to listen to that record after having to hear Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Humble Pie and Emerson, Lake & Palmer blasting in the store, all day long. I would tell customers ‘To Be A Pilgrim’ alone, is worth the price of the entire album, it’s one of the best guitar tracks Peter Frampton ever recorded.”

  6. Ian
    Apr 9 2015

    This is me Ian.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  7. Donna Riddell
    Apr 9 2015


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