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June 22, 2012

The Sound Of Genesis – Journey To The Moon (1969)


Artist: The Sound Of Genesis
Title: Journey To The Moon
Year: 1969
Format: LP
Label: Buddah

This odd album combines actual audio from the Apollo 11 astronauts and mission control with original music and narration. The music, mostly composed by veteran Philly producer John Madara and Tim Moore, is by turns atmospheric and uptempo rockin’ dance tunes in the late ’60s style.

The sort of heavy guitars in “Space Rock” are particularly tasty. The backing track to some of the Apollo 11 voice-overs feature what sounds like an electric sitar. A studio band, The Sound Of Genesis, was put together by Madera and included Daryl Hall of future Hall & Oates fame on keyboards, Tim Moore on guitar, Tom Sellers on bass and Jim Helmer on drums.

Sellers arranged the album and it was billed as being recorded live on Earth, in Space and on the Moon. According to Madara, this album “was approved by NASA, who sent in the tapes every day to us of the moon flight, which we used on the LP. (Jack Dominilla)

Track Listing

  1. Journey To The Moon
  2. LIFT OFF: Mystery Of Space
  3. The Computer
  4. LUNAR LANDING: Moon Plaque
  5. Space Rock
  6. A Walk On The Moon
  7. LUNAR WALK: Empty, Void
  8. Nineteen Nintey-Nine
  9. LIFT OFF & RETURN: Sea Of Tranquility
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