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October 10, 2012


Ohio Knox – Ohio Knox (1971)


Artist: Ohio Knox
Title: Ohio Knox
Year: 1971
Format: LP
Label: Reprise

Singer-songwriter Peter Gallway delivers a brilliant yet overlooked set of tunes here, backed by top session musicians of the era. The tunes range from sparse folk (North Country Laura) to jazzy rock (No Sleep for the Wicked), though a heartland folk-rock feel dominates.

John Sebastian of the Lovin’ Spoonful contributes fine harmonica and stinging guitar on “Baby Sox Knox”, Gallway’s “Ohio Knox” signature theme. Dallas Taylor (of CSNY fame) pounds the skins masterfully as well. (J. Levinson)

“One of the charming, inspired little blues rock / folk rock albums that were germaine to the 1960’s. Gallway was a soloist and front man for The Fifth Avenue Band (see August 20, 2010 post).

One thing you won’t hear is strings. This is pure music from the heart and it will hopefully strike the same responsive chord with you that it did with me.” (Allan J. Moore)

Track Listing

  1. Taking It Easy
  2. Land Of Music/That Lady
  3. Calamity Jane
  4. There Comes A Time
  5. Give Me John Ford
  6. Baby Sox Knox
  7. Pound Or My Dog Dad For Robert Downey
  8. No Sleep For The Wicked
  9. Abigail Archer
  10. North Country Laura
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  1. keith
    Sep 23 2012

    that’s a great sleeve,i used to see that in second hand stores here in england in the early 70s and was temped to buy it for a quid,i was very broke then and resisted but in reading that review it’s nice to know as a nineteen year old i would have liked it.

  2. Cy Pirie
    Sep 24 2012

    Talking of the sleeve….on hearing Peter’s higher notes, one can see why with the tightness of his ‘troosers’ or was it the thorns that pierced his nether region….joking apart this is one great listen…yup the ‘playing’ is of the highest order and the songs are on a par with the playing and the voice is truly great too….
    This is from the land of dream radio….

  3. Andrew Hawkey
    Sep 24 2012

    Reprise released a second Gallway album, entitled ‘Peter Gallway’, a year or so later – a slightly more restrained and less overtly ‘loony-hippie’ effort, but all the better for it. The guy’s been active musically ever since, and has released a number of solo CDs and a Fifth Avenue Band reunion effort. These days he’s a respected studio owner and producer … check out his website for more.

  4. miles
    Sep 28 2012

    similar to keith, i remember seeing it around but just never bothered to spring for it for whatever reason. now i’m sorry i did that. ohio knox is a very cool record! i could’ve been checking this out years ago. i thank you however for giving me the opportunity to do so today. this will undoubtedly get a lot of listening time. i never realized that peter gallway was behind this, nor the fifth avenue band. now i’ll have give the latter a listen as well.

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